Magnetic Paper Towel Holder and Rack Organizer Review

Magnetic Paper Towel Holder and Rack Organizer Review

You probably don’t want to believe it, but all this time, I might’ve been growing certain fear for Paper Towel Holder. That makes no sense, I know. But if I tell you the long list accidents I had involving that metallic thing—that doesn’t seem to end, I guarantee you would conjure up a yawn in less than a minute.
My personal reasons are just as boring as those soaps airing every day, so I don’t feel the need to list them all to you, but hey, I got all the receipts!
Cutting it short, I’ve had my entire skepticism on the product evaporated to thin air when my colleague bought me this full-of-surprise Magnetic Paper Towel Holder and Rack Organizer. It’s far beyond my low expectation on akin items!

The time when this colleague of mine brought me what he called as the Magnetic “Superhero” Paper Towel Holder, I just wished he wouldn’t do so. Simply as what I mentioned above, I’ve lost my trusts on them ever since the accident kept reoccurring.
Buts, again, it kept on surprising me with its versatilities as a paper towel holder that will instantly turn you into the latest kitchen hero—or maybe an Avenger—by having another multipurpose tool: a spacious rack at the top.
Here’s how it does the job:
First, the holder eased my access to the towels by being firm even when I accidentally yank it a little too hard.
Then, the cute, little rack truly helped me out by keeping things clean: no spices scattered on the counter. It also reduced my time in the kitchen as I won't need to look for my small ingredients again.
Simply put them there and it'd keep it for you whenever you need it, just like your little assistant.

Magnetic paper towel holder and rack organizer


read myMagnetic Paper Towel Holder and Rack Organizer Review
  • As I’ve said above, I simply purchased this product so it could solve my never-ending kitchen problem—which it did—yet it surprised me with its handiness. First of all, the paper towel holder worked exactly like how the product description said. No less, but more. Like, you can always set the adjustable hand roller to match the item you want to hold. Whether it’s a paper towel, aluminium foil, or plastic wraps. Big or small, no worries!
  • Then, the rack on top—my favorite part, could be my little cute assistant in this messy kitchen of mine without making the room look more cramped. From ketchup, all the way to mustard and their other siblings I frequently use were perfectly fit in that space. If you ever wonder about the existence of an accessory that is both handy and pretty to fill in space in your kitchen counter, you might want to order this product right now.
  • And, this feature right here is probably the highlight of the product. It’s the firm, easily-stuck magnet. When I say it’s the essential feature it holds, it really is. It’s located at the back and ain’t even as big as your ketchup bottle, yet it is able to support the whole things this item is capable of. Without this superhero, your beloved paper towel holder won’t be able to help you out with its amazing features.
  • Last but not least, the ABS Resin material—or I’d like to call it more as the thick plastic—is as if supporting the already-strong-magnet ability in holding the things put in both the rack and the holder, making it sturdier than ever.
  • One thing that I love about this product is: it’s super easy to assemble! Well, you might get confused at first as the instructions are half in Chinese like I do, but it won’t last long. You just have to read carefully the directions in English, and boom! You’ll get over the issue in no time.
But, that ain’t everything. It seems like its unyielding ability is one of the function it holds that we can’t argue. The thing is, I’m a ketchup addict. I use it for almost every food in a great amount, so the red 38 oz bottle is always on my monthly list. Yet my clever rack holds it all sturdily, much too my liking. Even when the rack is full and my paper towel is brand new, it still hangs perfectly thanks to its strong magnet. Such an affordable price for a helpful tool!

Product Performance

One word I’d like to say about this product: it’s oh-so-powerful it instantly made me the kitchen hero!
That’s a bit exaggerating, but I want to emphasize on its capability in making our works in kitchen way easier. To be frank, it did catch my attention when I first saw the model. Sure, it’s not super pretty like the thousand-dollars item would cost, but I personally think it looked kinda cute.
Though it would be nice if it got other color options to match your kitchen, the bright color is neutral and I was suddenly reminded of my narrow flat that needed a bit of enlightenment. At the end of the day, I’d still prefer a product with good enough design but works properly to the one having an attractive design but won’t even work well.
Then, I remembered putting it on my upper refrigerator in less than 15 minutes. It’s super quick, right? Much to my surprise, the magnet is oh-so-easy to stick it immediately got me grinning happily. It’s that goo—wait, I take it back. It’s an awesome tool for me.
However, every product has its own flaws. This magnetic paper towel does have some, too.
For example, the holder. It’s meant to fit regular U.S. paper towel, but in case if it doesn’t, you just need to slide the adjustable rolls out to the sides to fit your paper towel’s size. I do that sometimes if I buy Bounty Select-A-Size.
Another one is the magnet. As much as it brings joy for its sturdiness, it can’t be mounted on the wall. It is a magnet after all. Unless your wall is made from marble, that won’t work. Or alternatively, you need to attach adhesive strips to the back of the rack to make it on the wall.

Magnetic paper towel holder installation


While the paper towel holder is basically 9 inches long and can be modified up to 11.8 inches, the length of the storage on top is 9.4 inches with 3.1 as its width, standing at 5 inches tall and weighs for 15.2 ounces.


  • The perfect buddy for a small kitchen!
  • Its multiuse holder is practically the best rack organizer you could dream for
  • The magnet is undoubtedly strong and will stick sturdily to metal surfaces such as fridge or microwave, all in one go.
  • It only required the smallest effort to install—the instruction is included inside the package!
  • Thanks to the adjustable hand roll, you can fit most US paper towels in its holder.


  • Since the installation guide is in both Chinese and English, this will likely confuse you for a few minutes.
  • Can’t be mounted on the wall, only on metal surfaces


Speaking of which, you can purchase this super handy paper towel holder on Amazon for a song. With all the benefits it offers, it’s truly worth your penny. Don’t worry if you don’t live in the United States: it ships worldwide! By the way, the price is currently off by 5% if you buy 2 and get 10% discount for purchase more than 3. Buy it while it lasts! (I’ll pace up once I finished posting this and get myself another one.)

Magnetic paper towel holder current deal

Magnetic Paper Towel Holder and Rack Organizer Rating

Lastly, as much as I want this article to help you in choosing your destined paper towel holder, I want you to know that is essential to purchase something that will bring more benefits than disadvantages. For me personally, I’d still buy this product even though the model isn’t that captivating. The hassle means nothing compared to all the features it has given me these past eight months.
Especially for a guy like me who lives alone in a narrow flat and doesn’t really have time tidying up things, this holder and organizer is like a soothing breeze in the middle summer. If you’ve reached the end of this article and isn’t fully convinced yet, set aside all your worries and be brave to try ordering one. It won’t disappoint. Promise.

Magnetic Paper Towel Holder and Rack Organizer

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