15 Chic Small Living Room Ideas That’s Worth Every Penny

15 Chic Small Living Room Ideas That’s Worth Every Penny

Since a small living room is a disaster for so many homeowners, our small living room ideas will be the savior you need. When people think about tiny homes, what pops up on their mind would mostly about white walls and neutral colors for the interior.

Fortunately, we have more fascinating ideas for small spaces you will absolutely need. The design inspiration we’re about to recommend can help create gorgeous living room design yet still giving you extra limited space.

Epic Decor Tricks to Make Your Cramped Living Room Feel More Alive

If your living room already has a neutral palette on the walls and furniture, you must add some pop of color to the room. It is true that white on the walls and pale colored furniture make your room looks elegant. That combination will also make your small living space feel larger and brighter. But an interior designer once said that texture splashes and color pops are making your room alive.

1.    Adding fresh colors to the small room

small living room

Add fresh colors by bringing in some houseplants and place them near the window. The texture given by wicker furniture is saving your small white living room from boring feels. Though black white décor may look modern, they’ll kill the beauty of your small white room.

Pick wall art in pop colors that spread more fun to your small home designs and keep the living room feel alive.

2.    Adjusting furniture with the colors in a small room

small living room

But if this is your first living spaces to decorate, consider getting bold patterned sofa instead of white living room furniture. Make a wall of the living room as a focal point. For example, you can turn your vertical space into gallery wall in salon style. You are not required to get armchairs that look just the same as your sofa. Try getting armless chairs in contrast colors but made of same materials.

Now, since you have a stunning gallery on a wall of your unique shaped living room, cover another wall with vertical stripes wallpaper. This change behind your sofa is going to make the room feels higher—thanks to the vertical stripes of the wallpaper that draws the eye upward. Then, a coffee table in the same color as the sofa is going to be perfect complement for the floor space.

3.      Bring something alive to decorate the room

small living room

One more thing. Your tiny living room design and décor will be way more outstanding with the presence of fresh plants on the corners. Place different types of plant in every corner of your small living room. They’re excellent home décor for your living room’s extra space.

Best Paint Color Picks to Stunningly Transform Your Narrow Space

So many people are too scared to bring dark colors into their small rooms.

In fact, dark colored small living room ideas will give your limited space décor some architectural and drama interest. It is also important to use some unique painting techniques. There are several painting techniques to make your house beautiful such as stencils, accent walls, color blocking, and striping.

1.     Black with horizontal stripes technique on small room’s walls

small living room

Horizontal stripes in large size for example, are going to widen your living room. Those stripes will make your rooms feel larger, especially when you combine this technique with similar colors. Speaking of colors, what is the best color—except neutrals—you should use to perfect your small room? Among the variations, some awesome decorating ideas for small rooms actually involve Benjamin Moore’s famous Coral Gables.

2.     Smooth yet refreshing coral gables

small living room

Coral Gables is an extraordinary color option from Benjamin Moore you can apply for your west village styled home. Use this paint color for your front door and as accent color for living room design ideas. You can also have it for the wall of your living room or using it as an accent wall. Then, all you gotta do is placing accessories with any color that suits the door and the accent wall.

Or, you can use it as the main color of your home décor ideas. If you decide to apply Coral Gables as main living room color, use taupe and navy blue as the accent colors. Those two will definitely complement the main color flawlessly.

3.     Balancing purple living room

small living room

Purple is another option, especially if you want your tiny room looks like a celebrity styled room. Spread purple on the wall and leave the floor and ceiling in white. Add some other vibrant colors to complement this purple. What colors to add? The best combination for purple is yellow. Yellow floating shelves, yellow framed glass coffee table, and yellow floor lamps are excellent décor ideas.

4.     Tiny but relaxing yellow room

small living room

Let’s talk more about yellow. This time, it ain’t no longer be your accent color. Ever think about using yellow as the main color for small living room. Not a bad idea, but consider using the straw shade of yellow instead of the bright one. This one is more fun and colorful—the best choice to bring joy to your small room. You can try combining yellow walls with white furnishings too.

Minimalist Apartment Designs for a Massive Living Room Look

Most famous small living room ideas for minimalist apartment are open concepts. Unfortunately, this concept can get overwhelming to our eyes. Besides, lacking in space can lead to a messy look you will immediately regret later. If your apartment has an open concept but you’re also limited in space, you gotta watch these guides.

1.       Define separate areas and give each area its specific purpose

small living room

For example, separate your dining area and kitchen with a buffet. Then, place the sofa on your bed’s foot. The couch will draw the eye to a living space. When looking for the best furniture for a studio apartment, the one you must consider is dual purpose furnishings.

Keep in mind that every inch in your small apartment is precious. Trundle bed is one of the best furniture you can purchase to save more space. This bed keeps you comfortable during the night and be your cozy sofa for movies time. Hollow ottoman is another incredible furniture to pick for a tiny flat. It will be a perfect storage idea. You can also use the ottoman to serve your guests by placing some snacks on it.

When shopping double-duty furnishings, you need to choose pieces that have appropriate size for your apartment.

2.       Save more space using a vertical storage

small living room

Vertical storage that’s tall but narrow is an excellent choice. It will give you most storage without taking too much space. Two identical vertical bookshelves on both doorway’s sides and a big entertainment center from ceiling to floor will be the extraordinary room divider that separates your living space and bedroom.

Your vertical storage can work very well with creative organization system.

3.     Don’t put your things on shelves, hang them

Instead of using a shoe rack, consider using shoe hangers that you can place at the back of your front door. The hangers allow you to hold everything, such as cleaning products, cosmetics, and even snacks. Or you may want to use lining shelves and small baskets. This second organizing system is gonna give your small room a beautiful look while keeping the room free from clutter.

Clever Ideas to Camouflage Your Storage in a Tight Space

Cabinets and shelves are classic storage for living room. But their size may make them the worst storage choices for a small living room. Fortunately, we have inspiring storage tricks that help you hiding your stuff in unique shaped storage.

1.     The sophisticated coffee table with hidden storage

small living room

Living room is always identical to coffee table. Add this unique storage idea to your next DIY projects. Build a functional living room coffee table from reclaimed woods and tough glass for the top. Add three or more deep drawers under the glass top where you can save your things. Then, under the drawers, add a shelf you can use to keep your books and any other stuff. The minimalist design of this coffee table will be perfect for any living room style. The glass top makes it cool for a modern room too.

2.     Creative DIY nesting tables

small living room

These nesting tables are especially perfect for those who love the Scandinavian style. Use iron and bamboo to make it since those materials are sturdy. Besides, when you’re not going to use those tables, you can pile them without breaking them up. You can place books, table lamps, a small pot with the flower, and anything else.

3.     Two storage alternatives for extra tiny living spaces

If there is no way to add storage on the floor, mount some shelving on the wall. But you better paint your shelving in the same color as your living room walls. Or you may want to get modular storage system that you can move to another room, so you can keep your living room free from clutter anytime.

Family Room Decorations to Pick on Christmas

Christmas should be the happiest moment for many families. And living room should be the most special place where the Christmas tree and Christmas gifts connect and gather the whole family. But what if the room is too small for the huge Christmas decoration? Don’t worry, our inspirations are not going to ruin your merry moment.

1.       Basic, easy Christmas tree made from fabric

All you need to do is preparing drop clothes made of canvas and some painting supplies. Paint your favorite Christmas tree on the cloth and hang your slim Christmas tree on the wall. Place the gifts on the floor around your Christmas tree.

Voila! Your new Christmas tree will never take an inch of your room’s floor space. You can even save this tree without wasting too many storage spaces.

2.       DIY Fresh Christmas tree for a super tiny room

christmas tree

If you still want the real green leaves for the Christmas tree, try our second idea. First, get some cedar branches and bring them home. Some cedar branches in different length will be way much better.

Then, hang those branches on the wall with the shorter branches above the longer ones. Add a little Christmas décor to each cedar branch. This simple tree won’t waste your floor space. Now, all you need to do is just telling your kids not to ruin this very simple yet adorable Christmas décor. Mix your creativity with our small living room ideas for better interior décor.