16 Affordable Small Bathroom Ideas That’ll Grant You A Spacious Look

16 Affordable Small Bathroom Ideas That’ll Grant You A Spacious Look

If you’re tight in space, small bathroom ideas are the miraculous touch you need. Though, thanks to a bathroom’s relatively smaller space, the ideas often get forgotten. Some of you may have already given up before even trying. But since a bathroom is the most private room in the house, you need to feel comfortable when you’re doing your business there. And that’s where these ideas take the lead.

Sneaky Toilet Ideas to Make the Most of Your Small Baths

One of the most popular problems faced by those who just moved into a new apartment is the super tiny bathroom.

Now, what about a bathroom remodel?

1.     Turning your bathroom into a wet room

This one unique design idea allows you to shower and pee in the same bathroom space. Some remodeling you need to do is tiling up your bathroom for the water use. You should also add drains in the bathroom floor.Don’t forget to add a little ledge that will keep the water out of your house.

This may sound hard, but you’ll realize how simple it is when you start the remodeling process. As for the tiles, use white tile that makes your small bathroom space feel more spacious. Or you can consider the black and white bathroom tiles. Make sure white is the dominant color. Dark colors are actually not prohibited, but it’s preferable if they’re used as accent colors. Too many dark colors in a tiny bathroom will only make your bathroom feel even smaller.

2.     Replacing the bulky sink with the tiny floating sink

Floating sink with small under-sink cabinet will help you hide the pipes. Narrow sink and narrow bathroom vanity is the key for a small bathroom that feel larger.

Both bathroom decorating ideas above are perfect for those who are fine having no tub in the bathroom. If you really want a tub in your tiny bathroom, try to find a tiny tub. Tiny tub won’t make the small bathroom feel narrow as long as it fits the space.

Low-budget Shower Hacks for Tight Space

Some people don’t want a wet room in their house. Instead, they want a shower along with the shower curtain to separate the wet area. This can be really challenging, but is eventually plausible

1.     Separating areas in the bathroom with glass shower door

If you also want a wet area separated from the toilet and bathroom vanity, consider using a glass shower door. Pick a frameless glass shower door so it won’t visually obstruct the space. Compared to the shower curtain, glass doors are way better since frameless shower doors look invisible.

Unlike shower curtain that will ruffle on the edge of your shower, glass door doesn’t take any space. To complement the shower with glass door, add a floating glass storage space. Just make sure the wall mounting glass is strong enough to carry things you will use in the shower. Mount the glass bathroom decorating shelves above your head so your hands won’t hit them.

2.     Unique wet area with a sit-down concept

Our next bathroom decorating ideas is creating a shower with a sit-down concept. This idea suits those who loves showering and soaking at once. Complement your tiny bathroom with a small tub under the showerhead that’s mounted not so high. You can reach the showerhead while soaking in the tub.

3.     Door-less shower for a super small bathroom

For a small bathroom that is narrow but good in length, a door-less shower is a great option. No door, no curtain, it makes the shower invisible. If there is enough space, add a built-in bathtub across the shower. This makes your bathroom looks like it doesn’t have a shower, just a white tub, and a white bathroom sink.

Don’t forget to add a bathroom mirror to reflect natural lights to the entire spaces in your small bathroom.

4.     Curved stall in the bathroom corner

Do you know that a small bathroom will feel more spacious with curved shower stall in the corner?

Complement this stall with a glass door to give the transparent look. The white tiles and white floor in the stall blends with white walls and the white bathroom furniture. This makes your small bathroom feel wider.

6 Clever Tiles Ideas for Bathroom to Ignite Your Remodel

Which one do you think is better for a tiny bathroom? Large tiles or small tiles?

Many believe that small tiles are the best choice for a small bathroom. If you think so, you may need to rethink about i

1.     Hexagonal tiles for tiny bathroom’s floor

Instead of installing small tiles to the floor of your bathroom, look for large tiles in a hexagon shape. Those tiles are going to push out your small bathroom walls. For the walls, you’re free to use tiles or wallpaper.

2.     Diagonally laid tiles on bathroom walls

Another tiling tip for small bathroom is laying the tiles in a diagonal pattern. Most bathrooms have subway tiles that are laid in a horizontal pattern. Try something different by laying those subway tiles in herringbone or diagonal pattern.

This pattern is going to draw eyes to your small bathroom’s longest part. You are free to try some experiments with assorted tilework patterns.

3.     Making a plan before lying down the tiles

But one important thing before you start your experiment is making sure that you plan the pattern. You should not make a mistake in your experiment since any error will be obvious in smaller bathrooms.

4.     Assorted types of best tiles for tiny room

Subway is not the only option for small bathrooms. Marble tiles are another option for a magnificent bathroom, but pick ones in large size. Use marble tiles for the bathroom floor. Then, combine the marble flooring tiles with the royal blue bathroom vanity and a blue wallpaper as the bathroom accent wall. f

White color for bathroom countertop and furniture as well as the walls and ceiling will neutralize the patterns in the room. White is not the only color you can use in your bathroom. One fascinating tile color that will suit your small bathroom is light or pastel pink.

5.     Leveraging pink floor tiles as a focal point

You’re free to choose anything to be your bathroom’s focal point. It can be the wall or floor. If it is the floor, opt for pink tiles that will make people focus on the floor and forget to realize the size of the room. Since you have picked the floor to be the focal point, leave the other elements in the bathroom in white.

If you want to add a mat on the floor, pick the white one that blends with white elements in the room.

6.     Gothic bathroom with dark tiles

If pink is a nice alternative that makes a small bathroom looks like a retro room, what about black?

Can we use black tiles in a tiny bathroom? Sure, as long as you don’t tile all the spaces with black tiles. Lay black hexagon tiles on the floor. Use white subway tiles for the walls, but not the entire wall. Lay the white tiles on the bathroom walls’ partway up. Cover the rest of the walls with floral wallpaper.

Black bathroom door will blend with bathroom floor flawlessly. White bathroom furniture is going to complement the room and neutralize the dark color in the room, so your small bathroom won’t be gloomy. Besides those colors, neutral bathroom tiles in like grey and beige are wonderful options. Light color schemes on the tiles will reflect natural light that widens bathroom space.

3 Insane but Effective Ways to Store Your Towels

A bathroom is not complete without a towel. That’s why our last small bathroom ideas are about the best way to store extra items like your favorite towels.

1.     Storing towels using rings and rods

Among so many ways to store your towels, you can try using rods with rings combination. Build at least one rod that you can use for usual towels. Then build a smaller towel rack that will carry the hand towel. The rod is great for bath towel, while the ring is perfect for the hand towel.

Use rings and rods that have some different colors. The different color scheme will make those rings and rods become an attractive decoration for your bathroom.

2.     Keeping towels in wall shelving

Another inspiration for the towel bar is using the wall shelves. You need to place the towels close to the shower and tub, don’t you? This one is essential, so you won’t have to leave the wet area and drip the water on the bathroom floor.

Where’s the best place for a towel bar? High areas in your shower are usually not in use. Leverage those areas to install bathroom shelves on the wall above your shower. This lets you reach your towels easily, without leaving the shower. No drips, dry bathroom floor, everything is under control. What materials you should use to build this towel shelving? Consider industrial pipes shelving or asymmetrical shelving. Reclaimed shelving is awesome as well.

3.     Towel trees and towel stands are the next inspiration you may want to try

Place towel trees or towel stands near your shower and bathtub. They won’t only carry your towels, but also decorate your bathroom interior. So many towel trees and towel stands out there come in beautiful designs. Those designs make the towel stands perfect for assorted bathroom styles, from traditional to a modern one.

Trying to make your own towel trees? Use driftwood to make your towel tree for the next DIY project. Driftwood is going to add beach style to your bathroom. The making of this towel tree is extremely easy, perfect for DIYers.

Alright. Ready to renovate your tight bathroom with the ideas above?