Endless Home Decor Ideas That You Can Get for a Song

Endless Home Decor Ideas That You Can Get for a Song

House works like a mirror, it reflects everything about the owner or the ones who live there. How will you think of the owner when you’re entering a well-decorated house with everything in place?

Then what’s on your mind when you see a house full of mess?

You’ll imagine two totally different people, right? And you absolutely don’t want people to think of you like the second person.

So that is exactly why you need these excellent home décor ideas.

Awe-Inspiring Home Decorating Tricks for A Small Home

Just because the rooms in your house have limited space, it doesn’t mean they can’t be just as beautiful and comfortable as the ones on TV. And here’s what you can do to impress your guests – and your family, especially.

1. Gathering everything with a soft and plush rug

One thing you can do is placing the entire seating furniture close to each other. This way, you’ll make everyone feels close and intimate. A rug that’s soft and plush is a perfect addition to relax and curl up.

2. Replacing traditional seating with charming hammock chairs

If it is about the dining room, backless chairs will be awesome, but those chairs are weirdos in the living room. One alternative to try is hammock chairs that look super trendy nowadays. Hammock chairs are the savior in a small living room since they won’t waste the floor space. Extra seating with less space taken, what a perfect addition for your sofa and minimalist coffee table.

3. Coloring a small living space with the right shade

There’s no better paint color for small rooms but white and bright colored paint. Before looking for wall décor ideas, consider painting your living room walls with white. This will brighten up the narrow areas. Then, you can start applying wall décor that has white frames. This kind of decor will blend in with the living room walls perfectly. Such an eye-catching look!

4. Creating the perfect color combination for a small living space

Complement your white living room with colorful furniture that’s going to be your room’s focal point. As for the window design ideas, pick lighter shades and curtains that are excellent in maximizing your small living room’s light. Don’t forget to match the shade and curtains to the wall color.

5. Outstanding trick with rugs

Larger rugs with bold patterns are the perfect match for a small room. It’s actually one of many home makeover tricks in making small rooms feel bigger. Small rugs are going to break up your living room floor visually. While larger rugs will unite your room together and make it feel more spacious. You definitely don’t want to miss this clever home décor ideas, right?

6. Consider double-duty furniture

Are you thinking of a coffee table for your small living space? You better forget it now and consider purchasing ottomans. They are the perfect choice to replace your coffee table. A tiny house usually gives the living room double duty when people are coming for a visit. Ottomans with a tray that holds books and flowers can become a gorgeous coffee table. And if you need an extra seat, you just need to move the tray to another room.

DIY Crafts for a More Vibrant House

The next incredible home décor ideas are DIY projects. Things you made them yourself will always amaze everyone who sees them. It’s also relatively easy to make those stuff.

1. Terracotta pots with adorable design

One example is painting your terracotta pots. Those pots are ideal for outdoor and indoor plants, but they look dull and unattractive. Be more creative by painting those pots and use them to perfect your celebrity-styled room.

2. Luxurious marbled décor from nail polish

Next genius decorating tip is marbling your decoration using the nail polish. Make marbles using your colorful nail polish on all ceramic items. But if you never tried this technique before, you may want to try marbleizing flat ceramic items first – like coasters. Once you’re done learning the marbling technique with flat items, move to the other ceramic items so your interior is gonna look more colorful.

3. Cute cloth basket with sweet pompoms

Do you have a cloth basket?

Get it and add some pompoms to the body, then use it as you bedroom décor or another room décor. You can also use your cute cloth basket as laundry hampers. Or you can place it in the living room to keep your throw pillows and blanket when you’re not using them. It can also be a storage for your kids’ toys in their bedroom.

4. Creative and functional DIY hangers

Another designer advice is adding some hanging spaces to your rooms. Hanging space is not only for towels in the bathroom but also for hats and jackets in the living room. Instead of purchasing metal hanging space, try to make your own DIY ladder. The DIY ladder will be functional and cool at once to decorate your rooms. Use it to hang towels, hats, plants, whatever you want.

5. Wonderful multi-purpose wall-mounted baskets to save your floor space

Have some rattan baskets?

Don’t just place them on the floor. Try to attach your baskets on the wall and turn them to unique shelves. In the bathroom, they will look cool as towels storage. You can also use it as the house for your framed photos and put them in the living room. While in the kitchen, you can use them to store your kitchen necessities.

6. Extremely unique hangers for unusual stuff

The other interior designers’ idea is making books hanger. However, this idea is suitable for thin books only. Build the books hanger by using string and wood. Use the woods to hang the clothes where you will place the books. And use the string to connect all the woods and hang this unique book storage on the wall. Sounds cool, right?

Brilliant Decoration Tips to Brighten Up Your House

Looking for brilliant home décor ideas that will literally bring happiness to everyone?

Here are some inspirational tips for ya!

1. Welcome your guests with vibrant doors

You definitely can’t skip adding glossy and fun color to your front door. This vibrant color is going to make anyone feel happy even before they enter your living room. In so many cultures, red is a lucky color. Consider applying it to your front door to bring good luck into your house. If red is not your thing, try yellow or orange. Those two colors reflect warmth and joy.

Aren’t you interested to give warmth and joy to your rooms? Instead of welcoming people with screen door, try something more updated like a storm door that has glass. This door and the bright color are a much better way to welcome your guests with happiness.

2. Spoil your guests with nice shades on the walls

You’re free to paint your walls with your favorite color, but make sure it is in the light shade. Grey and beige are the best color for the first floor, which has an important flow. Neutral colors are actually the best option for your interior walls. They are giving the greatest flexibility to decorate, so you can switch up the accessories easily.

One important thing that you should know about using neutral colors is applying them in two narrow rooms that are positioned next to one another. Neutrals in both rooms are going to make them feel more spacious.

3. Accessorizing tiny room’s windows

Next important thing is letting the sun get into your rooms. So you better get the elegant but functional window dressings all at once. But skip the outdated heavy drapes. Instead, try the full-length panels and pair them with sheers. Pick curtains in light colors which are not going to fade.

The best and most recommended curtains are ones made from linen, silk, and cotton blends. Those curtains will hang well and decorate your interior flawlessly.

4. Spread the lights to your rooms using mirrors

Now, make sure you complement every room in the house with a mirror. A mirror is going to make your spaces feel brighter. Each mirror in the room will bounce sunlight and light from the lamps around your room.

However, you better be careful since placing a mirror in the wrong spot is going to make your room look terrible. The mirrors must be placed perpendicular to the windows instead of across from windows directly. By hanging a mirror opposite the window, the light will be bounced right back outside your rooms.

4 Swoon-worthy Designs for Your Special Days

Special days must be celebrated, right?

What do you have in mind when it comes to decorating your house for special moments like Mothers day and Valentines? Don’t worry, you’ll get some outstanding home décor ideas that will merry your special events.

1. Colorful table décor

The first one is creating a colorful room for a colorful moment. Making a colorful room is not always about bringing colorful flowers. Instead, bring in white flowers to your room but place them in glass vases with rainbow water inside. Fill some glasses vases that have different shapes with colored clear water. Then place a white flower in every vase.

Place them together on the table, in line. They are going to give you a beautiful rainbow decoration for your special day. Once you’re done with the table, let us move to the wall.

2. Colorful wall décor

Your interior wall is going to be jaw-dropping with the presence of the balloon backdrop. No, don’t cover the entire walls with balloons. Just get several colorful balloons then attach them on the wall, above the head height. Then, use colorful papers in the same colors as your balloons to make the backdrop on the wall, under the balloons.

3. Colorful ceiling décor

Now it’s time to use some more balloons to decorate the special moment’s ceiling. Pick some pastel colored balloons like mint green, baby pink, and white. Then, add chunky glitter around the balloons. Hang them on the ceiling and let them pretend to be fancy ceiling light.

This décor idea is going to be perfect for all special moments from birthday, Valentines, Mothers day, and any other event.

4. Unique DIY table runner

One of the most unique décor for special moments is the runner made from popsicle sticks. The table runner is not always made from cloth since popsicle sticks are going to make your table looks more attractive. To make the runner made from popsicle sticks look more stunning, you may want to splatter some paint. The splattered paints that match other decors create unforgettable moments.