Get Yourself a Polished Wardrobe with These Closet Organizer Ideas!

Get Yourself a Polished Wardrobe with These Closet Organizer Ideas!

Brilliant closet organizer ideas can actually change your life.

In an obvious perspective, it takes part in organizing your closet.

Then helps you get out of your cramped-looking room. And still managed to be the space savers anytime you need to free yourself from clutter.

What a savior.

But even in a professional organizer world, there are hundreds of sub-topics you’ll find wandering around on the net. Let’s say home organizer, bathroom organization, and probably some legit design ideas to organizing your kitchen.

And since we have covered them in our previous articles, we’d like to share our juicy closet organizer ideas that’d help you bring back the beauty of your closet.

Timeless Closet Storage Ideas You Can’t Wait to Try at Home

1.     Hanging organizers

Let’s start with hanging organizers. Well, everyone loves hanging clothes — be it shirts or pants.

But what’s better than a hanging closet?

It is the double hang, that lets you leverage your hanging space. Nah, aren’t you interested in buying a double hang clothing rack now? Well, you probably want to kick away that idea and try our DIY hanger, using the rods you got at home.

First of all, bump your current tension rods up. Then, decide the space you want to put the hanger on. Look around it. If there are any hampers or shoes inside, pull them out of the place. Now, measure the average height of your clothes you’ll hang on the double closet rod.

Install your second rod to the height you have measured. Congratulations! You’ve got extra spaces in your closet storage for more clothes! That was cool, isn’t it? But, think about the shoes you put aside earlier. Where to put them? Should you get a new shoe rack?

Of course not. Instead, try our creative shoe storage idea on the closet door.

2.     Shoe hangers

Don’t limit your mind by thinking that shoes must be placed on a flat surface. In fact, you can hang your shoes just like you hang your jeans on pant hangers.

Though some stores do offer rod and rail you can use to hang your shoes on, but trust me, making them yourself is worth a try. You simply need to get a towel bar and mount it on the inside of a closet door. Remember to only hang shoes that you wear the most, so you can grab them easily whenever you need to wear them.

3.     Accessory storage

It’s currently the most popular storage solution desired by women. Well, it’s normal since they have way more accessories than men do. This jewelry organization idea can also work as a scarf organizer. Belts, ties, necklaces, and tank tops will hang together on one hanger.

First of all, prepare wooden hangers and hooks of a shower curtain. Attach the shower hooks to the hanger. Then, use them to hang everything you want to hang together.

Use one hanger to hang one type of accessories. One hanger for your scarves, the blue one for belts, the yellow for ties, and the purple for necklaces. They’ll organize your closet in a better way and make it easier for you to find accessories.

4.     Valet hook

First of all, a valet hook is an ultimate space-saver.

Second of all, it can also save your mornings.

Let’s say you need to leave your house early in the morning. Simply hang the outfits you’ll wear tomorrow on the valet hook the night before. There is no more digging in your storage containers to find the clothes and risk your precious mornings. You can also maximize it to hang your belts, scarves, bags, and dry cleaning.

5.     Storage baskets

Now, this one is classic. Container store a.k.a the storage basket is a must-have item.

Add labels to each basket or container so you will know which one keeps your underwear and which one has the purses. Labels are especially important if your baskets are not transparent or if they’re placed on top of your closet.

6.     Shelf dividers

If you don’t want any basket or container on the top shelf, consider shelf dividers. They help you to fold and stack your jeans, sweaters, and shirts frankly and easier. They won’t get mixed up!

Once you’re done folding the sweaters and stacking them in a pile, shelf divider is going to keep your clothes in place. Dividers ensure that your clothes will stay at the front shelf, so they won’t topple each other.

7 Smart Ways to Organize Your Shoes at Home

We’ve shared one of our closet organizer ideas for shoes above that works better for the shoes you wear the most. This time, we’ll cover some great ideas to store your shoes better than those classic storage boxes.

Again, you can get these storage bins at the stores, but making DIY items always feels right for me.

1.     Mesh Bins

Do you have piles of shoes? Do you only wear a small number of them? Are you worried about the other shoes you don’t wear often?

Great. Then put them in a storage bin – or I’d love to call it as a mesh bin. Keep your sneakers, heels, or any shoes you rarely wear here. For the ones you consistently wear, put them on the racks. Hiding your shoes is actually a brilliant idea, it helps make your closet looks extremely neat and well camouflaged – organized.

2.     Wooden Crates

Want more artistic look in your walk-in closet?

Wooden crates will be your best friends. Don’t just use one wooden crate, it won’t make your closet looks attractive. Get two beige wooden crates and two white wooden crates. Stand those crates up so you can show the shoes you place in them. You can also add some decorations like fresh potted plants on top of the crates.

3.     Shoe ladder

Another shoe organizer for your walk-in closet is the shoe ladder. This is a must-try idea if you think you’re a professional DIYer. Create an A-shaped ladder with four or five horizontal levels from woods. It will carry up to 21 pairs of shoes while adding an aesthetic look to your walk-in closet. You can also tuck some decorations between the shoes you save there.

4.     Wooden Dowels

If you don’t have room for a shoe ladder, here’s the alternative solution – wooden dowels. As always, you can make this organizer yourself.

First, place them at the bottom of your closet or on the corner of your walk-in-closet. Simply stick the shoes on the top of wooden dowels. They won’t waste your space, instead, they’ll add a unique view to the closet.

5.     Wire Rack

Another inspiration belongs to those who have no floor space, but lots of vertical space:

The outstanding wire rack. Wire rack will bring in the industrial vibe into your closet. It is easy to get this since both online and offline stores offer this rack.

The good news is, you can build this in your upcoming DIY project. Make sure you use the best material that holds all the shoes in place instead of falling down.

6.     Copper shelves

Floating copper shelves is another idea for those who have more wall space than floor space. Mount some copper bars to the walls where you can place them. Similar copper bars can even turn to towels bar and scarves bar. What a multi-purpose simple bar!

Mount as much as these bars if you want a very functional closet in your bedroom.

7.     Special hidden storage

If your closet cannot accommodate the entire shoe collection you own, move them out of your closet. Build special storage for shoes on the corner of your bedroom. Then, cover it with curtains – pick one with the same color as your window curtains.

Now, nobody knows you’re hiding your shoes in your bedroom.

Juicy Tricks with Drawers to Store Your Beloved Purses

Okay ladies, time to organize another collection you have now: the purses. The typical closet organizer ideas you’ll find is using boxes and bins or the other container types. This idea is highly recommended for those who have little to no spaces in the closet.

Feel free to find boxes and bins with a decorative pattern or section that you personally like.

1.     Plastic bins and hidden storage

If you have some bags you wear less often than the others, store them in plastic bins that stash in the closet. Otherwise, you can tuck those bags to your under-bed storage.

Hiding your bags there will save your closet space, so you can leverage the extra spaces to store the other stuff.

2.     Removable Hooks

There are removable hooks you can mount over the doors of your closet. Those hooks allow you to hang bags without wasting the spaces of your closet floor.

Compared to the other bag storage ideas, hooks are much better since they’re simple. Moreover, hooks help keep the bags visible so you can reach them easily when you need to find something that matches your dress.

3.     Mounted rack and organizer

Need to save the space in your closet?

Try using a bag organizer or the bag rack that’s mounted on the wall or a door. Those products let you store your bags vertically. Just like the hooks, a bag organizer and racks won’t waste your closet’s floor space. Magazine holders are the next thing that helps you in organizing your closet. Unfortunately, this idea will only work for slim bags.

4.     Big baskets

You can also use a big hat box to save your bags at once. While baskets and large desk accessories designed to store files are a perfect home for bags. Those things will be the most suitable storage for bags you hardly wear. If you have many bags that you wear from time to time, you need another idea: the shelf dividers.

5.     Shelf dividers

Dividers will separate each bag from another.

That’s it? Of course not.

Dividers will help to keep your bags upright, separated from other bags. This means you can grab one you want to wear easily without toppling the others. This one is truly helpful especially when you’re in a hurry and got no time to rearrange the toppled bags.

6.     Curtain’s rings

Finally, try hanging your bags and purses using rings from shower curtains. Use rings of your shower curtains to hang your bags collection on the rods of your closet. This idea is absolutely attractive for women who personally love bags. If your rods are full of dresses, pull the rod up and build the second rod under the first one. Use the second one to hang your beloved bags.

Nah, which idea you want to try the most?