About Will & Eve

Will and Eve

William and Evelyn are a lifetime couple who’s been together since their college days. On March 2013, they got married in a sacred wedding ceremony at the Southern beach in California. The good news is, they’re expecting their first child!

Will is an ordinary marketing manager who loves riding the subway more than anyone else, often get sandwiched in crowds during busy hours (but he enjoys it anyway), and usually devours an actual sandwich for breakfast.

Then there’s Eve, whose everything is almost in a great contradiction to Will.

Alright. Let’s kick it off with the subway; Evelyn hates it.

The girl reasoned it’s all due to the heavy crowd and how she can get dizzy watching them moving in front of her. Luckily, she got a decent job as a working-from-home writer that saves her from the situation.

So there she goes, spending most of her time at the house doing either writing, cooking, or reading her favorite novels. If stress starts calling out her name, Eve simply shrugs it off by doing some useful decoration to the house.

Her hobby eventually became a salvation from time to time that William started to follow her steps. The couple are keen to search for the latest hacks they can apply to their home and gradually become thirsty if they haven’t done any tiny remodel in a week.

That’s when Will and Eve realized one thing;

You can always serve your best home, with the most functional hacks applied to every nook and cranny without even being a designer or hire one.

Their current mission is to help people realizing their dream home through countless amazing decor hacks that they can actually practice themselves.

Will & Eve want to encourage people that having a stunning, homey residence is nowhere close to difficult as long as you’re brave (and diligent) enough to make a change.